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Top Songs in 2010

Depone inspired me to look at my top 10 songs in 2010. The following list is based on my Last.FM charts of the last twelve months. Per artist I chose the song I most listened to, which resulted in an interesting mixture of gospel music, jazz and pop.

David Tao ended up in this list more by accident - I like to listen to him, but the track ended up in this list because I sang it live recently and listened to it many times during practicing.

01. Kosho – On Green Dolphin Street
02. Alvin Slaughter – Mighty Praise
03. Stevie Wonder – Spain
04. Israel & New Breed – Again I Say Rejoice
05. Manu Katché – Lo
06. Trijntje Oosterhuis – Human Nature
07. Avishai Cohen Trio – Seattle
08. Keith Jarrett – I Loves You Porgy
09. 陶喆 – 普通朋友 (David Tao - Regular Friends)
10. Kirk Franklin – Hosanna

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