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I've lent US$1000 to various entrepreneurs

I've mentioned Kiva before, the fantastic micro-finance organisation that makes it as easy to lend US$25 to someone in the third world to support their small business as buying a book on Amazon.

If you check out my lender's page on Kiva, you'll find that as of today, I've made fourty loans so far. Because each loan is at least US$25, that means I have lent in total US$1000 to fourty different people (or group of people) all over the world! However, since the money is repaid after a certain term, it means I had to invest much less than those US$1000 to lend to these people – I just kept on re-lending the same money to different people all over.

By the way, loan 39 and 40 went to Kuña Rory Group in Paraguay and Delfina in Peru and will be used to buy merchandise and a freezer, and a cow and fertilizer.

Why am I mentioning this here? I'm hoping that you'll be motivated to join Kiva as well – maybe you can even one-up me...?

Kiva - loans that change lives

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